Park Plumbing are a plumbing and heating firm known for its reliable service in New York City for over years. As exceedingly technical and mechanical contractors, we specialize in commercial, industrial and residential, service, installation and repair. We also propose preventive protection service and emergency service reaction to our customers. Park Plumbing put marvelous effort into creating an organization that offers resourceful and trustworthy service at a reasonable price. Our best prize of course is when customers like yourself, come on board. Our efforts are to start with the cautiously considered choice of each and every employee for service.


Leak detection and repair

Park Plumbing has grown into a leading company in the fields of leak and flow instrumentation, testing and services. Our modern fully equipped plant services diverse industries .Our company is positioned to meet the ever increasing demands for measurement accuracy within the manufacturing industry in the new millennium. Our servicesand systems incorporate many years of experience, professional integrity and the accountability of all team members. We Park Plumbing can work with you to develop your specifications, providing cost effective solutions from bench top instrumentation.

This Park Plumbing is meant for Shop Floor or field operation. Quick detection of leaks is achieved by mounting the detector and associated Electronics in a hand held gun assembly, which is connected to the portable base unit through a long cable.